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Global Bodyguard Organization registered in England in 30th May 2017,registering number is 10793996.

Global Bodyguard Organization, is a non-government organization for Bodyguards in public and Private sectors. Private Protection ( Bodyguard Task ) is for Rank Holders , Politic , Diplomatic and VIP Persons , Public and Private sector workers, actress, Businessmen and other who are under threat.

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Our whole Training and Services as Global Bodyguard Organization, are given by qualified instructors who are very experienced in their respective fields for many years.

Membership Bodyguard

If you are already a bodyguard, you can join this big family by joining the Global Bodyguard Organization.

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Real Bodyguard

These types of Bodyguard are real, and training on the use of warm and cold weapons, personal protection, use of bodyguard accessories, procedures for carrying out operations, terror and anti-terror, driving and protective techniques, etc.

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Show Bodyguard

These type of bodyguard have large and highlights muscles with height above 180 cm and weight of over 100 kg with a black suit for doing the VIP protection.
These type of bodyguard have a demo mode and will not have access to firearms.

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Our Services

Be sure all of our services in Global Bodyguard Organization will give you by the best in their respective fields

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VIP Protection Services

(Diplomatic Persons,Businessmen , Actress … )

Building and Facility Services

( Airports , Shopping Malls ,Hotels , Oil refinery … )

Organization Security Services

(Opening,Concerts, Sport Games,..)

Valuable Items and Money Transfer Transportation.

(Banks, Finance Companies, Jewelers)

Who is the bodyguard?

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A bodyguard is a type of security guard or government law enforcement officer or soldier who protects a person or people — usually high-ranking public officials or officers, wealthy people, and celebrities …

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History of the founder of the organization…

Our Training

We Are Here For You

Be sure all of our Training in Global Bodyguardd Organization will give you by the best in their respective fields.

Training Of the Bodyguard

Be sure that we will give full training which are adjusted,for you,your Group or your organization

  • Training of self defense & Combat

    -Training in firearms tactics

    -VIP protection basic training

    -Training of protective escort

    -Training of crowd screening and control

    -Training of how to work with other security personnel to conduct threat or risk assessment

    -Training in addition to a first aid certificate prior to a license being issued

    -Training of Psychology

Organization Services

Our whole Services as Global Bodyguard Organization are given by qualified instructors

-Law enforcement training

-Self defense & combat training

-First aid and search and rescue training

-VIP protection services

-Building and facility services

-Organization security services

-Valuable Items and money transfer transportation.

-Convoy security on risk zones

-Electronic security system &services, ballistic equipment

Real bodyguard

Real bodyguards with spend the training of

Real bodyguards that protect high-risk principals may wear body armor such as kevlar or ceramic vests. The bodyguards may also have other ballistic shields, such as kevlar-reinforced briefcases or clipboards which, while appearing innocuous, can be used to protect the principal. The principal may also wear body armor in high-risk situations.

The real bodyguard has 3 level: C, B, A

  • Training of Mix Fighting System
Show bodyguard

Show bodyguards with spend the training of

This type of bodyguard to raise the prestige of client in different locations. The bodyguard has the height more than 180cm and weight more than 100kg.

The show bodyguard has just 1 level.

  • The training of personal defense and protection of VIP person in an emergency
  • Training of how to view
  • Training of walking
  • Training of standing and how to meet
  • Training of how to welcome the VIP
  • Training of how to take down VIP from the car
  • Training of how VIP guided into the desired location
Managing Risk, creating Opportunity

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Global Bodyguard Organization

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