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Soft Glass: The windows shatter spectacularly

While the girl’s father swore he had absolutely nothing to do with her impregnation, and the evidence (or lack thereof) eventually cleared him of all rape and incest charges, there’s still the Fridge Horror question of who the father was. Paul shows less and less concern about dying soldiers as time goes on, showing ever […]


By diluting water glass with water and submersing your eggs

GLAMOROUS GLYNDEBOURNE I adore this twist on the traditional floaty, floral summer dress. The cut away top softens broad shoulders like mine, and there’s a cut out keyhole back, too, which is really cute. As a dress, it’d be dowdy, but this is a knockout fun, sexy and very grown up.. cheap canada goose Diesel […]


Bigger Bad: As previously mentioned

The second story is set in motion by the death of Queen Elizabeth. As recounted by noted Lincoln biographer Carl Sandburg, “This exasperated Lincoln so that he lost his temper, lifted Armstrong up by the throat and off the ground, shook him like a rag, and then slammed him to a hard fall, flat on […]


And note Valentino Replica Handbags that we said Yukari

Unlike the other Summons, Tink does not replace any allies on the battlefield and lacks a depleting MP bar, meaning that she can only be dismissed manually. “I can’t do it!” Hamal sobbed and spun the wheel on the car until we were headed back towards the gate. Also: Be Careful What You Wish For […]