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It's nowhere near enough to convict

Third, Ryan O’Neal as General James Gavin who was deemed to be too young for the role by the critics despite being exactly the same age as the real Gavin had been at that time. It’s nowhere near enough to convict, but they weren’t looking to do that, anyhow. Body of the Week Break Them […]


You're probably never going to hold the world record for the 10

Cutting Off the Branches: Guybrush canonically ended up sinking his boat in the first game and stranded Carla, Otis and Meathook in Monkey Island. In fact humanity has moved on and created even better tech. EMP should be near harmless to organics. You’re probably never going to hold the world record for the 10,000m, […]


Chocolate of Romance: The image of the Valentine Roll costume

So you can die after beating Death and have to fight him all over again if you don’t avoid or destroy the sickles, which is very much possible considering how likely it is you only had enough health to take one more hit after beating Death. Ms. Badass Normal: Hitomi is the only one […]


President Obama abuse of executive power is surely not what

Loved the Marine Corps, Brendan father Kevin told CNN. Loved his job. He liked to fly. Salt Lake City, UT Pioneer Theatre Company presents the world premiere play Two Dollar Bill by TJ Brady. At an elite University Bill Dudley, a distinguished professor of history, has been nominated for a prestigious award, but the attention […]


Brick Joke: The phrase "red herring" is introduced in The

Agony of the Feet: Jedediah and Octavius weaponize this towards the enemy soldiers. It turns out his psychopathic tendencies were all part of a tumor that he had removed, and after his surgery he changed into a gentle, sensitive man who, while not with out his edges, wouldn’t purposely hurt a fly. Note that, […]


I will hinder and harm your creature as far as I am able

A few cats, however (such as Bluebeard) have sketched anuses, perhaps to emphasize their earthier nature. Art Evolution: The graphics are significantly improved from the original, despite being released for the same system. In a world where virtually any death can be bought for the right price, follow the path of a high tech assassin […]


If it resists, she'll knock it out

However, the patriotic music then swells at this point, indicating that the invaders will eventually be driven back. If it resists, she’ll knock it out. At one point of the game, Lilli is at the top of a ladder, trying to reach a ledge, while somebody is trying to pull her down. Badass Normal: […]


Oh, and there are things such as "The beatings will continue

Later novels introduce a string of fictional presidents, including one who appears to be a strawman liberal interpretation of Bill Clinton. Dick Dastardly Stops to Cheat: Eric spooked his enemies in Stamford by leaking the Raw results while on commentary. Beating the 150cc Extra Special Cup unlocked the first Replica Stella McCartney bags new title […]


Cool and Unusual Punishment: Harry having to answer Lockhart's

Baleful Polymorph: The Princess of Moonbrooke gets turned into a dog before you meet her, forcing you to find out how to break the curse before you can recruit her. Cool and Unusual Punishment: Harry having to answer Lockhart’s fan mail as the punitive detention he incurred for flying the car to school. Gloom, despair, […]


Excel Saga: All of the female characters

He just fell in love with her on his own. Excel Saga: All of the female characters, most of the time, no matter what they’re wearing (including the Daitenzen suits, and the ACROSS girls “uniforms”). Gender Blender Name: Yuuji named his female border collie John. He also gets to live with Kubo, which was Replica […]