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Blade Below the Shoulder: The "Monomolecular Blade" bionic

In Code Geass, the first example of Real Robot technology was used in combat seven years before the series, consisting of ground based Knightmare Frames armed with machine guns, recoilless rifles, and cannons. Blade Below the Shoulder: The “Monomolecular Blade” bionic upgrade, which the Bionic Assassin class starts with. Apocalypse himself does this quite a […]


They believe their actions will lead to a greater good

Enemy Mine: Dumas tells Lucian and Aaron an alliance is necessary to stop the Immortals in the Epilogue. Some of their followers, however, do fit the mold including one who apparently wants to see rapists lynched. Although there is a big fight near the end of the film, none of the hero’s opponents shows any […]


Cerebus Rollercoaster: Beginning with Episode 9

Chekhov’s Gun: Sora’s new clothes. Cerebus Rollercoaster: Beginning with Episode 9. This trope focuses on the times the character in question achieved what he or she did largely because they had absolutely no idea that it was supposed to be impossible.. Intimate Healing: Justified in that when Soubi kisses Ritsuka it strengthens the “bond” between […]


Replica Hermes Handbags He only pretends to be lazy

Is The Hero facing the threat of war? A terrible plague? An economic recession? Inevitably, there’s a tangible villain responsible for it and the solution is for the hero to confront them and beat them in whatever the story is about. Energy Absorption: The Sword of Enlightenment’s main ability, though it also unleashes the energy […]


Some years later, his sister leaves her infant son with Hisui

Because a single cat has a mere 0.5 in power to his 500, he reasons that at least 1001 cats working together would easily overpower him. You descend through what seems to be a giant cavern underneath Gesetz’ Megapolis. Shu, our hero, is on his way home from kendo practice one day when he […]


Himemaru, from the Harem Comedy manga Rappi Rangai, is a ninja

Trixie uses her smoke bombs to help give her a hasty exit, with a dejected Starlight saying that she doesn’t want to be in charge of anything else. The plan was based around understanding how people react to torture or watching their loved ones get tortured. This also means he’ll never add anything Replica Hermes […]


Creator/{{Netflix}} documentary series

The pivot for ”Film/TheCimarronKid”. When young ex convict, Bill Doolan, tries to make a clean start, he gets accidentally associated with his old criminal gang in a train robbery. The sheriff invites Doolan to explain his case, but his deputy, assured of Doolan’s crime, merely uses this as bait to beat a confession out of […]


Morei's inability to explain this properly causes Shouta to

mobile suit victory gundam anime The Valois siblings and Guise are second cousins as well. Jourdain, protagonist of Replica Hermes Handbags Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme (a play by Molire.) Cyrano is an expy of Gris a character from Don Quixote. Sadly, this was fixed in the second edition. Williams stated she didn’t intend to tie all […]


With other shows, they sometimes will build up a dedicated

Rebellious Princess: Bala. With other shows, they sometimes will build up a dedicated audience that will fail to keep the show alive long enough. The End of Evangelion was supposed to clear up the lingering questions left behind by the notorious series ending. Diving Save: Hermes Replica Handbags Hibiya does this to Hiyori just as […]


Everybody Laughs Ending: Pinkie Pie dons a pair of vampire

Epic Fail: Rarity misses a bat with her net, causing an apple to splatter against her hazmat suit, which gets a bunch of bats to chase her. Everybody Laughs Ending: Pinkie Pie dons a pair of vampire fangs and adopts a temporary Transylvanian accent as part of a joke. Everypony laughs when the fangs pop […]