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You just don’t do it. Many important aspects of character development that was done in the first seven volumes of the manga are imported to the anime’s Duelist Kingdom arc, so it’s pretty confusing deciding which parts of the early manga definitely happened in the anime. Bury Your Disabled: Asako’s life support capsule proves less […]


Depending on the Artist: It's very hard to discern what her

One of the mooks is wearing a cowboy hat that floats on the surface after he goes under. Depending on the Artist: It’s very hard to discern what her ethnicity is, because every artist has drawn her differently, solely limited by the unchangeable fact that she’s a young Asian female. A Cartoon Network animated series […]


Even so, there were some surprises

There’s no point asking how long he spent researching the book, because the answer is “a lifetime”. Even so, there were some surprises. “I was stunned to find that the driest place on earth is actually in Antarctica. Yesterday afternoon NBC ran a long retro piece about the USA win over the USSR in hockey […]


And then Oberstein sent him to the League's stronghold of

Running Gag: From season one, Lola, the ma d’h stealing bites from plates. And then Oberstein sent him to the League’s stronghold of Geiersburg without getting him to defect or brainwashing him while announcing that Ovlesser’s men had been executed. The Avatar Trilogy has Kelemvor Lyonsbane, last scion of a family of cursed mercenaries. Imperial […]


If a woman was married, she was forbidden from viewing the

11 memorial program on Saturday Sept. 10, 2016. 11 memorial program at Rider University on Saturday Sept. 37) and Brendan Gallagher (No. 36).We want you to tell us what you think of our articles. If the story moves you, compels you to act or tells you something you didn know, mark it high. wholesale jerseys […]