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Who is the bodyguard?


A bodyguard is a type of security guard or government law enforcement officer or soldier who protects a person or people ) usually high-ranking public officials or officers, wealthy people, and celebrities ( from danger: generally theft, assault, kidnapping, assassination, harassment, loss of confidential information, threats, or other criminal offences. The group of personnel who protect a VIP are often referred to as the VIP’s security detail. Most important public figures such as heads of state, heads of government, and governors are protected by several bodyguards or by a team of bodyguards from an agency, security forces, or police forces.Less-important public figures, or those with lower risk profiles, may be accompanied by a single bodyguard who doubles as a driver. A number of high-profile celebrities use bodyguards. In some countries or regions, wealthy people may have a bodyguard when they travel. In some cases, the security personnel use an armoured vehicle, which protects them and the VIP.