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Cloud Cuckoo Lander: Taeyeong is probably the most obvious

Bonus fail: Brown could have legitimately used the prime number 2, the difference in atomic number between uranium and plutonium, and avert the fail forever. Alice was suitably freaked out. Lewis. Eventually, Revil has to take a side and deal with the fallout. He fathers three children, despite them both hating each Valentino Replica […]


Big Good: A complicated example in the Puppet

“As a woman and a jewelry designer, I understand what it means to adorn a woman’s body with my pieces,” Singh told me. “Now, I’m working with a larger canvas a woman’s home and there is no better way to engage a woman’s soul than to help her adorn her home.” Amrita’s inspiration for her […]


They believe their actions will lead to a greater good

Enemy Mine: Dumas tells Lucian and Aaron an alliance is necessary to stop the Immortals in the Epilogue. Some of their followers, however, do fit the mold including one who apparently wants to see rapists lynched. Although there is a big fight near the end of the film, none of the hero’s opponents shows any […]


In return, they apply Nurgle's philosophy of rot and rebirth

The Marbule sequence has the song “Magical Dreamers The Wind, Stars, and Waves” overriding the normal music. In return, they apply Nurgle’s philosophy of rot and rebirth to technology, refurbishing and repairing what they can, smelting down and recasting what they cannot, and patching the pieces back into other things which need to be repaired. […]


You're probably never going to hold the world record for the 10

Cutting Off the Branches: Guybrush canonically ended up sinking his boat in the first game and stranded Carla, Otis and Meathook in Monkey Island. In fact humanity has moved on and created even better tech. EMP should be near harmless to organics. You’re probably never going to hold the world record for the 10,000m, […]


Of course, you can file such things under Translation

During the “Monster World” arc in the Yu Gi Oh! manga, Bakura fights against the soul of the Millennium Ring in this way, managing to regain control of whatever body parts are severed from Zorc in game. He manages to save the party from certain death by using his left hand to throw fixed dice, […]


Cerebus Rollercoaster: Beginning with Episode 9

Chekhov’s Gun: Sora’s new clothes. Cerebus Rollercoaster: Beginning with Episode 9. This trope focuses on the times the character in question achieved what he or she did largely because they had absolutely no idea that it was supposed to be impossible.. Intimate Healing: Justified in that when Soubi kisses Ritsuka it strengthens the “bond” between […]


Instead of being covered in a sea urchin's tubercles

Acquired Situational Narcissism: Leo when he gets the lead role in the school play becomes an egomaniac and expects to win a Tony. Instead of being covered in a sea urchin’s tubercles, he’s instead covered in eyes that open wide to shoot Zommari’s ‘Amor’ to control the enemy. Norrington stays in the form of an […]


Inside these structures are large numbers of feral living

Beatty himself owns books in his house’s library he simply never reads them. Cersei rejects Jaime’s efforts to help her, replaces his affections with those of Osmund Kettleback, and makes constant snarky comments about his stump. Mile High Club: In the first film, Emmanuelle has a sexual encounter with a man while on the flight […]


Susan proceeds to prove Arthur wrong in spectacular fashion

Less innocent ones may be driven to it only by the Love Confession. Amusingly, the spawned duplicate constantly shouted the catchphrases of the character in a robotic voice. He confronts Orochi using Momiji as bait. “Human casualties: 0.0” The SWAT team, when they breach into the computer room at Cyberdyne. Mitchell, Illona, and Gideon uncover […]