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History of the founder of the organization

A short biography of Master Farshad Mohammadi, founder and manager of Global Bodyguard Organization

Master Farshad Mohammadi is the founder of Global Bodyguard Organization in 30th May 2017,under registration No. is 10793996,and  Global Bodyguard Organization has registered in England. Master Farshad Mohammadi has spend the terms of real bodyguard in Ukrain in Crimea in 2001 and he spent the terms up to 2004 in that the early 2007, he came to Tehran as a personal bodyguard for an official and up to 2017. In 2009, Master Farshad Mohammadi founded World  Mix Fighting  in Iran, and it has been registered in 22 September 2015 under registration No. 276/2086 in Islamic Republic of Iran’s supreme council in Ministry of Sport and registered the Organization of  MFC (Mix Fighting Championship) in 30th May 2017 ,under registration No.10793984 , in England.