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Real bodyguard Class A

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Real bodyguard

Real bodyguard has 3 Classes:

    • Class C
    • Class B
  • Class A

Training costs and the period  of the time of real bodyguard

  • Class A :

1- Training

2- The period of the time

3- Compressed or Normal

4- The costs

1- Training:


Private protection basic training, gives the most essential information to participants.

Being a soldier or a police or a active security guard makes it easier to advance your skills and the way you responses in danger.

Content of  the Training;

-Tasks, skills and the history of body guarding.

-Protection duty as a service.

-The structure of private protection and distribution of tasks.

-The threat analysis and the security precautions.

-The companion guarding techniques and precautions about  intelligence.

-Legal issues.

-Terrorism and assassinations.

-Standard operating procedures and immediate action drills

-Protection and driving techniques.

-Communication and anti-communication techniques.

-Extraordinary explosives and precautions.

-Protection of object and ware.


-Quality criteria for private guards.

-Equipment information.

-Survival precautions. (first aid activity)

-Armed and unarmed close combat and combat fitness techniques.

-Personal education and advanced education advices.

  • Class A( professional) the period of time(9 months):

Training of hand and foot blows for professional.

Assiduity and speed for professional.

Training of lifeguard rescue.

Training of swimming for professional.

Training of disarm for professional.

Training of moving in the professional situation.

Training of psychology for professional.

Training of using weapon for professional.

Training of driving cars.

2- The period of the time:

270 hours in 9 months

3- Compressed or Normal:

Normal: (270 hours, 9 months)

Compressed: ( 270 hours , 45 days)

4- The training , documents  and card costs:

The training costs: 7000 €

Documents  and card costs: 2000 €

Total costs: 9000 €