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Real bodyguard Class C

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Real bodyguard

Real bodyguard has 3 Classes:

  • Class C
  • Class B
  • Class A

Training costs and the period  of the time of real bodyguard

  • Class C :

1- Training

2- The period of the time

3- Compressed or Normal

4- The costs

1- Training:


Private protection basic training, gives the most essential information to participants.

Being a soldier or a police or a active security guard makes it easier to advance your skills and the way you responses in danger.

Content of  the Training;

-Tasks, skills and the history of body guarding.

-Protection duty as a service.

-The structure of private protection and distribution of tasks.

-The threat analysis and the security precautions.

-The companion guarding techniques and precautions about  intelligence.

-Legal issues.

-Terrorism and assassinations.

-Standard operating procedures and immediate action drills

-Protection and driving techniques.

-Communication and anti-communication techniques.

-Extraordinary explosives and precautions.

-Protection of object and ware.


-Quality criteria for private guards.

-Equipment information.

-Survival precautions. (first aid activity)

-Armed and unarmed close combat and combat fitness techniques.

-Personal education and advanced education advices.

  • Class C ( beginner) the period of time ( 3months):

Training of hand and foot blows for beginner.

Assiduity and speed for beginner.

Training of self_ defense for beginner.

Training of disarm for beginner.

Primary education weapons and disarming

2- The period of the time:

90 hours in 3 months

3- Compressed or Normal:

Normal: (90 hours, 3 months)

Compressed: ( 90 hours , 15 days)

4- The training , documents  and card costs:

The training costs: 1500 €

Documents  and card costs: 2000

Total costs: 3500 €