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Show bodyguard

If you would like to train please read the page and then connect to payment systems.

Register of Global Bodyguard Organization System

Training costs and the period  of the time of show bodyguard

1- Training

2- The period of the time

3- Compressed or Normal

4- The costs

1- Training:

Show bodyguard

This type of bodyguard to raise the prestige of client  in different locations. The bodyguard has the height more than 180cm and weight more than 100kg. The bodyguard dressed in black suit, black socks, black shoes and black glasses and use the handset. Show bodyguard has large and highlights muscles. Show bodyguards never use any weapons(firearms or cold weapons) unless in a special situation only they can use cold weapons  .forexample show bodyguard uses in concerts, seminars, meeting and etc.

The show bodyguard has just 1 Class.

 The Show bodyguard training include the following:

  1. The training of personal defense and protection of VIP person in an emergency

2.Training of how to view

  1. Training of walking
  2. Training of standing and how to meet
  3. Training of how to welcome the VIP
  4. Training of how to take down VIP from the car
  5. Training of how VIP guided into the desired location

2- The period of the time:

10 sessions in 1 course ( 20 hours )

3- Compressed or Normal:

Normal: (10 Sessions , 20 hours)

Compressed: (5 Sessions , 20 hours)

4- The training , documents  and card costs:

The training costs: 900

Documents  and card costs: 2000 €

Total costs: 2900 €